Ambulance Service

Al-Markazul Islami has launched its Ambulance services for carrying the critical patients quickly and efficiently from the remotest areas of the country and also every corners of the capital city to and from the hospitals. Completely free services are provided for the poor and needy patients. At present it has a strong fleet of 34 Ambulances. The cost of Ambulances are given bellow.

Eye treatment

An Eye Hospital named Al-Markazul Islami Eye Hospital has been established in December, 2002 in Dhaka city. This Hospital is fully equipped with modern instruments for proper treatment of eye diseases. Different operations are done in this hospital by highly qualified and experienced physicians at cheap rate. Here the poor and needy people are able to get more facilities for all treatments including operations.

Relief For Helpless

Al-Markazul Islami renders free services at the time of natural disaster by carrying the relief materials & arranging emergency medical treatments for the distressed and affected people of the country. This organization also builds shelter camps for the homeless and badly affected people.

Tube well Project

Shallow Tube-Wells are distributed to the village areas, where the poor are suffering for want of pure drinking water. A Shallow Tube-well costs about $ 150. Thousands of Shallow Tube-wells have been installed at the remote villages of the country for the poor people. Hundreds of Deep Tube-wells have been set up in different areas where the water of Shallow Tube-wells is affected by many harmful diseases.

Free Education

Realizing the fact that ‘Education’ is the back-bone of a nation, Al-Markazul Islami is imparting education to the poor boys and girls from the perspective of the Islamic ideology.

Masjid Complex

Al-Markazul Islami has constructed 150 numbers of Masjids according to the demand and necessity of the local people of different areas of the country as a center for fostering Islam. Masjids that have been constructed are six categories.

Lovely Smile

The children who are born naturally with cutting lips or nosesare operated to make their lips and noses in well position. Under this program organized by Al-Markazul Islami, Bangladesh hundreds of children have been operated here successfully and now they are able to show their nice faces and noses as sound healthy kids. Each operation requires $300.

Cyclone Shelter

At the first phase and as a part of implementation of such program, Al-Markazul Islami has constructed a cyclone center at Chittagong, costing more than $ 50000.

Dead Body Bathing

Al-Markazul Islami has arranged a dead body bathing room for bathing dead bodies of males and females free of cost. Religious rites for the burial of poor dead bodies are also performed free of cost.

Disable People Facility

Al-Markazul Islami has launched its WHEEL CHAIR Distribution for Disable People Facility services for carrying the critical patients/Disable people and also every Completely free services are provided for the poor and needy Peoples. At present it is really a good initiative for the disable people. The cost of Wheel Chairs are given bellow.

Orphan Care

Al-Markazul Islami is giving top priority in involving the orphans in its educational programs. Total 700 orphan students are studying in 17 Madrasahs at present. Al-Markazul Islami is bearing all of the expenditures including their treatment and medical facilities. Not only this but after completion of their studies, this organization also assists them in getting jobs and thereby helps to start their work lives. Each student requires $30 (thirty dollars) per month.

Swing Training

Al-Markazul Islami is giving helpless and poor widows sewing training, so that after the training they can earn individually. To the deserving poor trainees sewing machines are also given. The cost of each machine is $100 (one hundred dollar).